Baseline Ultrasound Exam for IVF

IVF Ultrasound Exams Instructions for ObGyn Clinic

Your patient has requested that I schedule her ultrasounds. Can you give me the indication and specific instructions? For example, does your patient need a transvaginal exam and what is the technologist looking for? Also, where do I send the ultrasound results?

The ultrasound exams that our RE's are ordering are indeed transvaginal exams. The purpose for these ultrasound exams are twofold:

  1. to rule out any polyps/growth in the uterine cavity,
  2. to measure endometrial lining.

As far as the test results go, the best thing to do is to give the results to our patient. We instruct our patients to email us the results right away and to forward us scanned copies shortly after. Alternatively, the local ObGyn office monitoring our IVF patients can email us scanned results directly.

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