Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

    1. Top quality medical procedures performed by highly qualified and experienced physicians
    2. Safe and appealing travel destinations
    3. Lower prices for the comparable procedures
    4. Assurance for mishaps – protection in the event of medical complications
    5. Travel-related customer service
    6. Tourism arrangements in host countries
    7. Secure and convenient payment channels for medical procedures

    There are several factors that make MedVacation your best choice as a medical tourism partner. Four characteristics in particular set us apart from other medical tourism companies:

    1) We Offer High Quality Medical Procedures and Well-trained Physicians Whom We Personally Visited and Evaluated
    Almost all medical tourism facilitators claim they use only the “best clinics and doctors.” MedVacation, too, offers high quality medical procedures performed by some of the world’s most qualified and experienced physicians. Unlike other medical tourism companies, however, that offer a large number of doctors and many clinics, MedVacation partners with only a select few doctors for each procedure. We have selected, evaluated and contracted physicians of the highest quality and education. Moreover, our advisors took time to travel to each partner clinic to evaluate the doctors and the medical facilities in which they work. When a company offers you many locations, make sure to ask the medical tourism facilitator how many of those doctors and locations have been personally visited by the company employees.

    2) We Guarantee the Quality of Our Work
    We guarantee that our clients receive healthcare services of quality comparable to treatments available in the U.S. for a fraction of the cost. However, if our surgical team does not deliver on our promises, we will make arrangements with a plastic or a dental surgeon of your choice in the area of your residence for the same procedure at no additional cost to you. This is a guarantee that no other company in the medical tourism industry offers.

    3) We Have Selected Safe and Exciting Destinations for You
    The majority of medical tourism companies offer treatments all over the world. We do not doubt that many medical facilities in Asia and other parts of the world offer high quality treatments and low cost. Nevertheless, flights to those countries are often 18 hours long and require several layovers. MedVacation offers a limited number of destinations, and most of the procedures are in destinations requiring flights no longer than 5-6 hours. We have selected countries that you may have already visited in your life or would like to visit. These countries are exotic, historic, and great vacation destinations. Moreover, our destination countries rank low in terms of risks on the World Fact Book published by CIA.

    4) We Take Care of All of Your Travel and Payment Arrangements
    Finally, MedVacation offers hassle-free comprehensive travel and reliable payment services. We ensure that your trip is well-planned and that you are taken care of from the moment you board the plane at your regional airport, to when you land in the international destination, to the time you leave for home. If you choose to engage in touristy activities, and we certainly encourage you to do so, we will assist you and any of your travel companions with you with those arrangements.

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