Surrogate Mothers Agencies with IVF Clinics Abroad

To Offer Affordable Surrogacy Abroad, Our IVF Clinics Use Their Own Surrogate Mothers

We’ve been approached by a number of individuals in the U.S., who expressed interest in becoming surrogate mothers. We at MedVacation truly appreciate your offer and your willingness to help couples who wish to become parents and cannot do so without help from people like you. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you in your efforts to become a surrogate with our overseas IVF clinics. The reason for that is our IVF clinics offer their own surrogates. It would be cost prohibitive to use anybody from the U.S., since the fertility clinics are located outside the United States.

We recommend you contact one of your local IVF clinics. They will be able to assist you further.

We do work with couples who are looking for affordable surrogate mothers. Since MedVacation receives calls from both parties, people who need surrogates and women who want to become surrogate mothers, we will be happy to facilitate the exchange of information. That is, if there is a need for a venue where couples looking for surrogate mothers can connect with individuals who want to offer their services, we can set up a blog on our website dedicated to this purpose.

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