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Our Addiction Treatments Centers

MedVacation has developed partnerships with several world-class alcohol and drug addiction treatment facilities to offer our clients completely confidential treatments similar to those in the U.S. Like their counterparts in the United States, these addiction treatment facilities use the traditional 12-step program. Our partners’ highly qualified English speaking clinical staff provides diagnosis, treatment and education. These accredited drug rehabilitation facilities develop treatment plans specifically tailored to address individual’s specific needs. Treatment facilities are located in exotic tropical destinations. Moreover, we believe that by taking our clients out of their environment and by placing them at remote tranquil destinations, we will give them higher chances of recovery.

Together with our partners, we offer the following treatments and activities:
Addiction Treatments Deals

  • Alcohol addiction treatments
  • Drug addiction treatments
  • Alcohol treatments using Antabuse Implants
  • Addiction stemming from abuse of prescription pills
  • Sexual addiction treatments
  • 30/60/90 day residential 12-step program
  • Cognitive behavioral and holistic approaches
  • Detoxification
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Education
  • Recreational activities

Our confidential and cost effective treatment programs are designed to enable our clients to achieve the goal of sobriety and to aid them in their successful transition from a therapeutic community to their home environment.

For more information on the traditional 12-step based program, click here. Additional resources and research for addiction and substance abuse can be found at

Call us today for a free consultation with an addiction counselor and our affordable addiction treatments package or click below to get started.

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