How Long Does It Take To Do CCS?

How many extra days will I need to stay with your international IVF clinics for Comprehensive Chromosome Screening test?

After introduction of the Comprehensive Chromosome Screening, a number of you contacted us with the question about the length of stay for this new IVF procedure. Patients planning to have CCS, should add additional five days to their vacation.

Here is a brief explanation of what happens during the time CCS is being performed. Our geneticists will remove several cells from developing embryos in the blastocyst stage. This counts as day one of the CCS testing. The same day these cells are sent to the lab, while the embryos are prepared for cryopreservation and frozen using Vitrification technique. The next three days, the geneticists will analyze the cells and identify the defect-free, or euploid, embryos. On Day 5 of the process, our fertility doctors will perform what’s called Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). Don’t be alarmed, the embryos are not transferred frozen. The fertility lab will thaw and prepare previously frozen embryos for implanting.

CCS_IVF_Vacation_StayHere is a summary, how long the female patient will need to stay with our clinic overseas. Eggs (oocytes) will be retrieved on Day 12 of your IVF cycle. Our geneticists will start CCS process on Day 17 of the cycle. The FET will occur on Day 21 of the IVF cycle. Since we recommend at least two day rest after the transfer, you should be able to travel after Day 23 of your IVF cycle.

Keep in mind, if you choose to start your IVF cycle locally, you can spend the first 7 days at home. You can travel on Day 8 of the cycle, so that our doctors can see you on Day 9 (the ninth day of your period).

Lastly, based on results of male’s semen analysis, your IVF doctors may also recommend IMSI. IMSI is done in combination with CCS, because the quality of sperm will affect the quality of your embryos.

Incidentally, our all inclusive IVF packages start at $8,199 and include airfare for two and hotel stay.

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