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Hope After Failed IVF Cycle

Successful IVF Treatments After Failed Attempts

Baseline Ultrasound Exam for IVF

IVF Ultrasound Exams Instructions for ObGyn Clinic

Your patient has requested that I schedule her ultrasounds. Can you give me the indication and specific instructions? For example, does your patient need a transvaginal exam and what is the technologist looking for? Also, where do I send the ultrasound results?


Progesterone Shots for IVF

When Should I Start my progesterone-shots-IVFProgesterone Shots?

Meds for IVF with Donor Eggs

Can you give me an idea of what meds I will need for my Egg Donor IVF Cycle?

Antral Follicle Count

What is Antral Follicle Count?

Antral Follicle Count test is included in the list of required precycle IVF tests for patients, who are planning to use their own eggs. Since there are several ultrasound tests that you may need to do, we thought we would cover this topic in our blog. In addition, the Antral Follicle Count needs to be performed during certain days of your menstrual cycle.

What Is Antral Follicle Test

Freezing Your Eggs

Freezing Your Eggs to Extend Fertility

Getting Pregnant at 40

Can I Use My Own Eggs or Do I Need Donor Eggs?

I really want to use my own eggs and so does my husband. I know, because I am 50, it's very hard. My period just recently started skipping. I started eating organic foods in my teens, plus I work out no less than an hour a day. In short, I am extremely healthy.

Infertility Brochure

Things you wanted to ask a fertility doctor, but didn't want to pay $399 for the consultation.

Infertility BrochureFor your convenience, we offer a downloadable brochure that contains information about infertility and fertility treatments. The brochure contains information about causes of infertility and infertility statistics. It also covers the topic of getting pregnant in your 40's.

Egg Donor IVF

Long vs. Short IVF Protocol

MedVacation Accepting Bitcoins

Paying for Medical Procedures with Bitcoins

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Dental Implants
Fertility and IVF