Meds for IVF with Donor Eggs

Can you give me an idea of what meds I will need for my Egg Donor IVF Cycle?

IVF-MedsWe can certainly provide you with a list of IVF meds that you will most likely need to purchase prior to starting your IVF treatments with donor eggs. Keep in mind that each case is a bit different and your RE will need to take a look at the results of your required precycle tests and examine your medical history. Nevertheless, here is a list of fertility drugs typically prescribed by our RE's for patients undergoing egg donor IVF:

1. Light Birth Control Pills or Provera 10 mg
2. Estrace 2mg
3. Viagra
4. Ovidrel 250mg
5. Prometrium 200mg
6. Progesterone 50mg in Oil
7. Azithromycin 500mg
8. Medrol 16mg
9. Vivelle patches (estradiol transdermal system)

With the exception of those for Viagra, the instructions for the meds are relatively straight forward. Viagra is administered vaginally rather than orally. In order for Viagra to be absorbed by uterine lining, you will need so called compounded Viagra. For that, you can ask your local pharmacist to crush Viagra pills and mix them with some cream.

You can save money by purchasing some of these fertility meds at our IVF clinic abroad. A number of our previous patients also purchased meds from several reputable online pharmacies overseas. We also recommend you check with your insurance provider. We had several IVF patients whose insurance covered the cost of either all or some of these fertility drugs.

Incidentally, our all inclusive IVF with donor eggs packages starting $10,799.

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