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Fun Facts and Trivia About IVF Treatments Outside the US

Here are some fun facts and trivia about IVF treatments around the world. You may have heard about Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis testing or PGD. This type of testing is done to identify embryos with genetic defects or select embryos of certain gender. Some countries including Italy have laws that prevent clinics from discarding embryos even if they have genetic abnormalities. Essentially, Italy’s law requires patients undergoing IVF to implant all of their embryos (up to 3 embryos per cycle) and will not allow any embryos to be discarded. If a couple has three embryos from an IVF cycle and two of them have genetic abnormalities, all three embryos must be transferred.

ivf-abroadCertain IVF countries popular by European patients have laws that do not allow gender selection. For example, gender selection is illegal in Turkey. The use of PGD and sex selection are completely legal in the countries in which MedVacation has its partner clinics. Gender selection is typically done by way of PGD, whereby the sex of each embryo is determined prior to transfer. Only the embryos of the desired sex are then transferred.

If for any reason, religious or otherwise, you do not want to discard your healthy embryos, MedVacation will be happy to arrange your embryos to be adopted by some couple. Recently, one of our patients who happened to be a Catholic had several leftover embryos. She and her husband told us up front that they did not want to discard any of the embryos that would result in from in vitro fertilization. Based on the couple’s criteria, we were able to find another couple that was looking for embryos to adopt.

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