Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


When you thaw frozen embryos, how do you know they have survived the process? Do you witness a cell division or anything like that? What would happen if they were thawed and then you waited to observe subsequent cell division, would that result in damage?

Aside from patient's endometrium, success of frozen embryo transfer will depend on two factors: quality of embryos before they were frozen and how well your embryos survive thawing process. The embryologist makes notes of the physical appearance of the embryo. When the embryo is thawed there is a recovery rate that is awaited to ensure that the embryo has thawed successfully. If the embryo cells have not expanded as they should and if the embryo is granular and not very well visualized, than we do not proceed to transfer the embryo. The embryo has to meet certain criteria, before we transfer the embryo. Our embryology lab can also share pictures of your embryos, after they go through the thawing process. If no transfer takes place the patient would then be refunded a percentage from the amount paid to the clinic.

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