Frozen Embryo Transfer

Freezing Left Over Embryos for Frozen Embryo Transfer IVF

IVF-Frozen-Embryo-TransferAlthough we strive to make every cycle a success, unfortunately it is not always possible. If you used your own eggs and had some embryos left over, we can cryopreserve your remaining embryos for what is called Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET). If you used an egg donor with us, it is almost certain that you will have embryos left over after your fresh cycle. Patients have two choices: a) they can purchase a 2 Cycle Program or b) they can cryopreserve the left over embryos for $800. If you choose to cryopreserve your embryos, there will be an additional $2,500 fee to perform the transfer of your frozen embryos.

You may be wondering what your IVF calendar will look like for FET. For the recipient, the IVF Protocol for the Frozen Embryo Transfer looks very similar to that of Egg Donor IVF Cycle. Additionally, our fertility specialists do not need your sperm sample, since we no longer need to fertilize eggs. This reduces your total stay abroad to only 3 nights and 4 days. FET patients need to be seen by our fertility doctors on Cycle Day 14. You will need to travel the day before the embryo transfer and may return to the U.S. two days after your transfer.

Starting Cycle Day 1, the FET patients must take Estrace 2mg pills and need to take one pill twice a day until Cycle Day 9. On Cycle Day 9, you will need an ultrasound to measure your uterine lining. In addition, Estrace regiment will increase to 2mg three times a day from there on.

You will also need to start your Lupron 2.8ml on the first day of menses. For that, you will need insulin syringes. The dosage for Lupron is 10 units every morning. Once patient’s endometrial lining is measuring at 8mm or more, which normally is around Cycle Day 12, she should stop the Lupron and start the progesterone injections intramuscular, as well as the prometrium suppositories.

We understand that all these Frozen Embryo Transfer instructions can be overwhelming. There is no need to panic. Our fertility doctors will create a FET calendar for you containing detailed instructions for each day. In addition, we will go over your protocol and answer any questions you may have.

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