IVF Ultrasound with Dye

Saline Sonogram vs. Dye Ultrasound

We just found out that my wife was scheduled for the dye sonogram instead of saline sonogram. We are going to contact the clinic and try to get the correct test scheduled. However, if we are unable to get the saline sonogram test done, can we use the dye sonogram ultrasound test results?

The purpose of the saline sonogram for IVF is to evaluate patient's uterine cavity and endometrium. We want to rule out polyps and/or fibroids in the area where embryos implant. Essentially, we want to make sure there is nothing in your uterine cavity that would prevent a successful implantation of your embryos.

Dye ultrasound is an acceptable alternative to saline sonogram, as long as the uterine walls are expanded and the doctor is able to evaluate the uterus, so that she/he can determine if there is anything obstructing within the uterus. If this is done during your dye ultrasound, than your local ObGyn clinic proceeds are acceptable.

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