MedVacation Accepting Bitcoins

Paying for Medical Procedures with Bitcoins

We are excited to announce that MedVacation has begun accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment. As of November 2013, clients of MedVacation have another option to pay for their medical procedures. In addition to being able to pay with such established methods of payments such as credit cards, checks or wire transfers, our patients can choose to pay with Bitcoins, a growing in popularity digital currency. Bitcoins burning a hole in your pocket? If you need to get some dental work done, or any other medical procedures offered by MedVacation, we are happy to accept Bitcoins as a form of payment.

What is Bitcoin?merchants-accepting-bitcoin

Bitcoin is digital money used directly between people to buy goods and services. Cryptography is used to make it impossible for anyone to spend funds from another user's wallet and can be used to encrypt a wallet so it can't be used without a password. This type of security is also used for credit card transactions and electronic bank transfers.

Similar to any other currency, such as US dollars, it requires a wallet - digital wallet to be precise. It is used to send and to receive payments using unique addresses. No coin can be reproduced or double spent. Unlike current digital wallet solutions, Bitcoin transactions are independent of card networks and cost a fraction of the traditional debit card interchange fees.

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