Donor Egg Program IVF Medications

List of IVF Medications for Donor Egg Program

Our reproductive endocrinologists will write you a prescription with all the dosages. If you choose to be monitored by an ObGyn in your home town the first 11 days of your IVF cycle, we will need your local ObGyn doctor's office to write an identical prescription so that you can fill your prescription in the U.S.

Here is a list of IVF meds and the dosages that you will need for the first 12 days of your donor egg IVF cycle:

Lupron 5ml 14 day kit with insulin syringes
Estrace 2mg #80 one pill twice a day both starting on the first day of the period
• Medrol 16mg #4
• Prometrium 200mg #25
Progesterone 50mg in oil #2 vials
• Prenatal vitamins

The meds will be prescribed for two weeks, since you will be traveling on Cycle Day 11 and medications for the subsequent days will be prescribed and administered by our IVF doctors overseas.

Lately, many pharmacies across the United States seem to be out of stock with Lupron. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to order your IVF medications.

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