Liver Damage from Drinking and Antabuse Implants

Antabuse Implants Contraindication for Patients with Liver Damage Caused by Alcohol

antabuse-implants-liver-damage-from-drinkingAs it is the case with Antabuse taken orally, there are contraindications for Antabuse implants. To start, you are not a great candidate for Disulfiram implants, if you are allergic to rubber and/or thiuram in pesticides.

In addition, disulfiram implants are not suitable for patients with liver damage (fulminans hepatitis). Since Antabuse implants are dangerous to patients with this type of alcohol-induced liver disease, MedVacation requires a note from your local doctor stating that you do not have liver damage that would prevent you from undergoing Antabuse implants treatments. Your family doctor may run a few lab tests and order an ultrasound test for you.

To ensure effectiveness of the disulfiram treatments, it is also essential that a physiological treatment is maintained.

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