Antral Follicle Count

What is Antral Follicle Count?

Antral Follicle Count test is included in the list of required precycle IVF tests for patients, who are planning to use their own eggs. Since there are several ultrasound tests that you may need to do, we thought we would cover this topic in our blog. In addition, the Antral Follicle Count needs to be performed during certain days of your menstrual cycle.

What Is Antral Follicle Test

Generally speaking, the Antral Follicle Count (AFC) is an ultrasound test that measures a woman's ovarian reserves. More specifically, it is a transvaginal ultrasound test that counts how many follicles a woman is developing in her ovaries each menstrual cycle. The presence and the quantity of follicles in ovaries are indicative of patient's changes of having a successful IVF cycle.

Follicles are fluid-filled sacs containing immature eggs. During IVF, ovaries are stimulated by medications, so that more than one egg can mature and be retrieved for fertilization. The number of antral follicles can vary slightly from month to month. Nevertheless, the quantity of follicles is typically a good indicator of how many eggs can be retrieved.

Antral-Follicle-Count-IVF-UltrasoundWhat Is a Good Number for Follicular Count

If eight or more follicles are visible in each ovary on the ultrasound during exam, our fertility doctors will be able to retrieve a good number of mature eggs. As an example, when using young fertile women in egg donor cycles, we start with over 20 follicles in both ovaries and typically retrieve around 15 mature eggs.

Low number of follicles (fewer than 6 in both ovaries) is typically predictive of poor outcome. In such cases, our fertility doctors will also take into account the results of your FSH and AMH tests and recommend either Embryo Banking or donor eggs.

When Should I Do Antral Follicle Count Test

An antral follicle count can be done on Cycle Days 2 through 4. Antral Follicle Test is typically done in combination with several other required tests. Yes, we do our best to be cognizant of your time. These tests are often referred to as Day 3 Testing - Estrogen, FSH, LH and AFC. Based on your previous menstrual cycle, you will need to call your local ObGyn doctor to schedule an appointment for AFC ultrasound on Cycle Day 3.

In case you are wondering about what is referred to as Cycle Day 1, CD 1 is the first day of heavy menstrual bleeding.

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