Fat Transfer in Breast

Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Injections

breast_augmentation_fat_transferSeveral individuals asked us about breast augmentation with fat transfer from liposuction. You may have heard about the Brazilian Butt Lift. Buttocks area is excellent for fat transfer from other parts of the body. Although our plastic surgeons do perform fat transfers (e.g. Brazilian Butt Lift), they do not recommend this procedure in conjunction with breast augmentation.

Fat transfer in breast does not work well for several reasons. First of all, the surgeon can only transfer a limit amount of fat into the breasts. Therefore, there is a size limitation. Numerous studies also show that a great deal of that transferred fat is absorbed in the breast back into the body. Therefore, the patient will experience a noticeable size reduction after certain time. Finally, our plastic surgeons told us that there haven’t been any long term studies conducted to determine the long term effects of this procedure.

Because of these three reasons, the cosmetic surgeons we work with neither perform nor recommend breast augmentation with fat injection.

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