Children Available for Adoption

We've been contacted by a young lady, who would like to give up her baby for adoption. We are trying to help her find a good family for her child.

This is a bit of an unusual request. A young lady, who is nine months pregnant, contacted us today (January 29, 2011) with a request to help her with an adoption. She wants to give her baby up for adoption. MedVacation specializes in surrogacy and does not typically handle adoption cases. However, we would like share some information about this case, hoping somebody can help us. Perhaps somebody is interested in adoption rather than surrogacy. Please send us an email to, if you know of anybody or some organization that may assist this young lady in finding a good family for her child. With this young lady’s permission, we will put you in contact with her, so that the parties can discuss the details of the adoption case. We appreciate any help you may offer.

“Hi! I am 9 months pregnant and currently looking for a good family to adopt my child. I was born in the United States, but raised in Jamaica since I was two years of age. I came back to the States at the aged of thirteen and lived in New York ever since. Both of my parents are Jamaican, and so are my partner's parents. My partner was born and raised in New York City. I am 5'2 in height and of fair complexion. Before the baby, I weighed 136 and now I am 165 pounds at 9 months. My partner is 5'6, same complexion as me and athletic built. I will be having a little girl any day now, so I am reaching out to you to look for a good family for her, so she could have a good life. I am nineteen years old and this is my first child. I am sure the baby will be very healthy, due to me being on a natural foods diet.”

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