Colposcopy Cost

Colposcopy before IVF

Some IVF clinics require that patients undergo Colposcopy procedure prior to commencing their fertility treatments. A number of MedVacation clients asked us why we require Colposcopy and whether this test can be done with our clinic.

First, let us elaborate on the needs for colposcopy. Colposcopy, not to be confused with colonoscopy (colon exam), is a medical diagnostic examination of the cervix and the tissues of the vagina and vulva. The purpose of this exam is to rule out dysplasia. Dysplasia is basically an abnormal growth in cervix area. Our reproductive endocrinologists told us that nearly 50 percent of all women they treat have some sort of abnormality found during the exam.

Colposcopy-IVFIVF patients using their own eggs will be stimulated by way of hormone injections. These hormones may cause the abnormalities to grow or turn into dysplasia. Our fertility doctors are trying to make sure they avoid any side effects associating with your stimulation. In other words, since your health is our doctor's responsibility, we want to ensure your stimulation doesn't cause any health issues.

Colposcopy in the U.S. can be quite a costly procedure. The good news is the cost of Colposcopy with our fertility clinic is only $27. Unlike your required precycle tests whose results must be provided to us prior to your IVF treatments start day, Colposcopy can be done with our clinic, when you arrive their for your treatments.

By the way, if you are not a patient of MedVacation, our all inclusive IVF packages start at $8,199 and include airfare for two and hotel stay.

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