Massive Shortage of MDs by 2020

Great article about future shortage of doctors in the U.S.

This is definitely a major concern for this country. Even today, some times it takes over a month to get in with a specialist. We can only imagine how long it may take in 5-7 years, given current trends and dynamics.

One quick fix is to allow foreign educated doctors to enter U.S. to practice medicine here. Naturally, we should also increase the enrollment in our medical schools. Yet another alternative is to bring patients from this country to foreign countries where doctors are well educated and plentiful. Companies like MedVacation have already begun the process of educating U.S. population about affordable, high quality medical treatments outside the U.S. It is going to take a few years, until we'll see American traveling abroad for their health care. However, the current dynamics will definitely contribute to the growth of the medical tourism industry in this country.

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