Lupron Dose Clarifications for Egg Donor IVF Cycle

What Lupron Dose Do I Need for IVF Cycle with Donor Eggs?


I just spoke with my local monitoring doctor and she is asking for clarification on Lupron dose. Does the 10 units mean 10ml or 10mg? She says in her system she sees a generic Leuprolide 1mg per 0.2ml. Please indicate which of these I need to purchase and how many. Also will generic Leuprolide Acetate 14 day kit (1mg per 0.2ml 2.8ml vial) be acceptable?


That is exactly what you need to purchase. One vial of Lupron 2.8ml is sufficient for the entire treatment. That is, 2.8 ml vial is good for 14 dosages of 10 units. The Lupron should be injected with an insulin syringe that is measured in units. The progeterone in oil, as well as the prometrium suppositories are needed to help the uterus support the implantation of the embryos once they have been transferred. Almost all IVF clinics use progesterone. Please note, you should let our doctors know about the uterine lining ultrasound on Cycle Day 10.

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