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Long vs. Short IVF Protocol

There are two types of IVF protocols: 1) short and 2) long. Are there any advantages of one over the other? In our opinion, there are none. MedVacation has partnered up with several world class IVF clinics. Reproductive endocrinologists at these clinics use different protocols. But to tell you the truth, all of them told us that the reason why they prefer one protocol over the other is simply a matter of habit. Essentially, that's what they had been trained for. Earlier in their careers, after medical schools, they were introduced to one type of protocol and they just stuck with it through their careers.

egg-donation-IVFHave our doctors ever switched protocols? Absolutely! MedVacation has sent US patients to our IVF clinic in Ukraine, which typically uses the long protocol. In the US, a large number of clinics use short protocol. Since the monitoring doctors in the US preferred to use short protocol, our fertility doctors adjusted their treatment plans and allowed our patients to use the short protocol. Sometimes, fertility doctors, who typically use the long protocol, may switch to the short protocol, when a woman had a poor ovarian response in previous cycles under the long protocol.

You are probably curious about the differences between the two protocols. The main difference lies in when you are going to administer your Lupron. Lupron 3.75 (Dephereine 3.75) is typically administered between the 19th and 24th day of your menstrual cycle. Without going into details, the long protocol gives your body time to shut down your own cycle, before you start your stimulation phase. This period, which typically takes two weeks, is called "down regulations." Once you finish this part of your cycle, you will begin your "stimulation phase." If you are a donor eggs recipient, you will not be stimulated; your doctors will merely put you on a medication regimen to grow your uterine lining.

The short IVF protocol does not have the "down regulation" phase. Patients put on the short protocol will start their Lupron injections on Cycle Day 1, the beginning of your natural cycle (1st day of heavy menstrual flows). Egg retrieval will typically take place on Cycle Day 12. The main benefit of the short protocol is that it is much quicker.

Since some of you would rather take a look at the long protocol, we would like to share an actual protocol used with one of our previous patients. The patient had an IVF with donor eggs and embryos transferred at the blastocyst stage (Day 5). By the way, our all inclusive donor egg IVF packages start at $10,799 and include airfare for two and hotel accommodations.


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