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When to start your IVF meds with egg donor IVF

On my med's calendar you created for me it says to start the Lupron tomorrow, which was the estimated day my period was to start (after I stopped the birth control pill). If my period doesn't happen to start tomorrow (on the estimated Cycle Day 1), should I wait to start the Lupron when it does start and will that negatively affect the rest of the cycle schedule?

IVF with Donor EggIt is not uncommon for IVF patients to start menses a day before or after (not exactly according to your IVF Calendar). If you don’t start your menses on the estimated Cycle Day 1, you should wait with your meds for a day or two. That is, you should not start your Lupron until you get your period. If you are two days late, you should inform our doctors about the delay. Our reproductive endocrinologists will let you know, if they need to make any adjustments to your protocol. Starting your period a day or two late should not negatively impact your IVF cycle. Fertility doctors use various medications to keep both of you, your egg donor and you, synched up and on track, as you move along with your IVF treatments.

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