Embryo Fragmentation

What are my chances of successful live birth with fragmented embryos?


It’s been a little over a week since my embryo transfer. Reading from other women’s posts, many women say that by the second week after their embryo transfers they experienced spotting and/or cramps. I was told that some of my transferred embryos had minor fragmentation. If I am not having any of those symptoms, does this mean that my IVF treatments are not working because of the fragmentation? Should I have any symptoms by now since I am on my second week after the transfer? I don’t feel anything but low back pain. And some time I feel sharp pain in my lower abdomen on one side but it doesn’t last for long and this pain comes and goes.


embryo-fragmentation-ivf-treatmentsNot having any of the symptoms that you describe does not mean anything at this point. Every woman is different and fragmentation has nothing to do with what you are feeling. To your question whether you should feel anything during the second week, it is very hard to answer this question as some women feel nothing and some feel breast tenderness and nausea. By the way, breast tenderness and nausea are mostly related to the medication that patients are taking rather than a sign of pregnancy.

As far as fragmentation is concerned, Grade I is perfect. Grade II means embryos have minor fragmentation. Embryos graded Grade III are of very poor quality and with lot of fragmentation. Women routinely get pregnant with Grade II fragmented embryos and have absolutely healthy children.

Spotting is common in early pregnancy and there is no reason to panic. However, spotting from pregnancy does not typically happen during the first week after your embryo transfer.

Lastly, we realize that this is a very stressful time for you. We recommend that you try to relax, as anxiety does affect the outcome of your IVF treatments.

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