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IVF Embryo Quality and Embryo Fragmentation

Does your embryology lab have any more specifics on the embryo grading? For example, I am used to a 2 tier grading system of blastocysts - the first number being the "state of hatching" so to speak, and then two grades after that with the grade of the ICM and the Cell Cavity.

Even though our IVF clinics are located outside the U.S., we use the same grading system that IVF clinics in the U.S. use. Embryos are checked out the day following the retrieval day (fertilization check), day 3, and day 5, if the embryos are developing well on the third day. Our lab grades hatching as well, but it is noted internally for the lab notes. The grading we provided you with is for ICM and the Cell Cavity. Based on the embryologist's notes, the hatching for your embryos embryos were grades A and B. Seven A's and two B's. The grade A is considered the best quality.

freeze-embryo-grading-qualityOur fertility clinics typically freeze embryos which make it to Blastocyst stage. As a rule, some embryos do not continue to divide and develop as they should. Those embryos get discarded. The embryologist will note how many embryos are of grade A and how many of your embryos are of grade B (A being the least fragmented embryos) and communicate that information to you. Here is an example of embryology report that you will receive from our IVF clinic.


The embryologist has observed the embryos and his findings are as follows:

• 7 embryos at 8 cell grade I
• 3 embryos at 8 cell grade II
• 2 embryos at 6 cell grade I
• 1 embryo at 5 cell grade II
• 1 embryo at 4 cell grade II

The embryologist has discussed the embryos with your RE and per our lab protocol the embryos will be taken to day 5. In two days, on the day of your Embryo Transfer, we will inform you about how many embryos made it to blastocyst stage. At that time, your RE will also carry out your scheduled fresh embryo transfer and our embryology lab will freeze the left over embryos, since you have purchased an IVF cycle with cryopreservation option. Our grading system is (I) being the best quality and (III) being poor quality.

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