Escrow Account Management for Surrogacy Abroad

Escrow Account for International Surrogacy and IVF Treatments

International surrogacy is certainly more affordable than programs offered in the U.S. Nevertheless, we recognize that even our lower cost program has a price tag which is a large sum of money for anybody. In order to give our clients a peace of mind and make them even more comfortable about partnering up with MedVacation for this important process, we now offer escrow account management by a third party. This service can also be used with other IVF programs. MedVacation will work with an escrow account management company that you choose. Alternatively, we can offer you a company that you can work with during your surrogacy.

MedVacation works with a company that adheres to the highest levels of professionalism in the ART industry. This Escrow Account Management company is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), RESOLVE, The American Fertility Association and EDSPA. Their extensive network of professional partners includes the industry’s top ART experts and related specialists.

Here is some additional information about this services and a short description of how the process works.........

Institutions that wholly own their loan assets have more freedom to pool escrow funds, whereas other institutions that do not wholly own the assets may have structures that require escrow funds to be held in separate accounts. When determining the structuring for the management of escrow funds, the following questions should come into play:

  • What are the company's internal requirements?
  • Are there any third party requirements or restrictions?
  • What are the requirements to the borrower in administering these funds and providing accurate periodic analysis of the fund requirements?

These questions need to be reviewed to avoid some of the challenges associated with the management of escrows. Your internal requirements will dictate the procedures and factors that go into the escrow structuring such as:

  • Will the accounts bear interest?
  • Do you allow advances and will they earn interest?
  • How often will the accounts be analyzed?
  • What methods and procedures will be used for account reconciliation?

Third party restrictions may require that all funds be held in separate bank accounts. There also may be third party influences on requirements to bear interest, insuring the funds, or restricting the access of these funds.

In the final analysis, it is often determined that pooling escrow funds for a portion of the portfolio will allow for economies of scale. Whereas, other funds will have to be maintained in separate accounts in order to maintain compliance with specific third party requirements.

SS&C's loan management system, LMS, provides for the management of escrow accounts from either a pooled or separate account perspective. LMS provides for the flexibility to track virtually any type of escrow account whether it is taxes, insurance, MIP, PMI, or any type of reserve account. Coupled with an equally flexible and comprehensive escrow analysis program, LMS provides the tool sets that enable companies to efficiently manage escrows.

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