Fat Injections In Buttocks with Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico

Fat Injections into Buttocks to Make It More Shapely

brazilian-buttocks-lift-overseas-cosmetic-surgeryOnce in a while we get calls from women who are looking to have "J-Lo's butt." The procedure that you are referring to is called Brazilian Buttocks Lift. Although we don’t exactly know, whether Jennifer Lopez had Brazilian Buttocks Lift procedure done, she has definitely made it more popular in the U.S. Here is a good news, you do not need to be J-Lo to have shapely buttocks. Our plastic surgeons in Mexico can make Jennifer Lopez jealous.

Brazilian Buttocks Lift cosmetic procedure essentially consists of two parts, liposuction and fat injection into buttocks. Fat is typically harvested from the abdomen and flanks. As a rule, your plastic surgeon will perform liposuction in at least two areas, so that there is enough high quality fat to be used in the buttocks area.

Collected from liposuction fat is sterilely processed and put into syringes. There are several reasons why the cosmetic surgeons purify the fat. If your doctor uses liposuction technique with injecting water, it is necessary to separate fat from water. In addition, the liposuctioned fat has many fibers. Those too need to be separated from the fat before injection. Once your surgeon is finished with the fat purification process, he or she will use syringes to inject the prepared fat. Your cosmetic surgeon will use smaller syringes and needles for the face (e.g. facelift) and larger syringes with needles in the buttocks.

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