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My sister and I would like to get Brazilian butt lift surgeries done. I am 5’5” and weigh around 175 pounds. My sister, however, is very lean and doesn’t have much body fat. She would like to have a larger and rounder butt. My question to you is, can we lipo my fat and use some for me and some for my sister? Can she use someone else’s fat and will I have enough fat for both of us?

Unless you and your sister are identical twins, unfortunately, you won’t be able to help your sister. Think about it this way. You may have heard about organ donation. When people receive an organ (for example a kidney) from somebody else, they have to take medication so that that organ is not rejected by the recipient's body. It is the same with fat transfer. Without an identical match, your sister will have a rejection reaction and the fat transferred from you will not survive in her body. Moreover, it is very dangerous to tissue recipient’s health. Because it is dangerous and because the tissue will not survive, your sister will not be able to use someone else’s fat for her buttocks.

fat-transfer-to-buttocksWhat choices does your sister have? Some plastic surgeons may say that she has two choices: gain weight before her surgery or get silicone implants. In our opinion, the best thing to do is for your sister to change her diet and to gain weight. As far as the second choice goes, our surgeons do not recommend silicone implants in the buttocks. Whether you sit or move, buttocks are one of the most active areas of your body. Because your buttocks move a lot, butt implants may become loose and require a follow-up surgery. Therefore, our surgeons do not recommend butt implants and typically do not perform this type of plastic surgery.

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