How to Find a Surrogate Mother

Finding Surrogate Mother and Monitoring

find-surrogate-mother-indiaFinding a responsible and dependable surrogate mother is a critical step in assuring that your child will be healthy. Therefore, the surrogate mothers we employ are thoroughly tested by the surrogacy agencies prior to being admitted into our surrogacy programs.

All of our surrogate mothers are closely monitored by fertility doctors. They are randomly checked for all kinds of tests to ensure that they are taking their medications and that the baby is in good health. We also follow all the guidelines for all the proper testing that is done in every trimester. Once the surrogate becomes pregnant she will be seen in our clinic for ultrasound monitoring every 15 days. We keep a very close eye on the surrogates to ensure that they as well as the baby are in good health at all times.

Depending on the preferred location and whether the client needs an egg donor, the surrogacy program cost may range between $38K and $60K.

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