How Much Does it Cost To Freeze Your Eggs

Cost of Freezing Eggs

As you can imagine you will need to go pretty much through an entire IVF cycle with the exception of the egg fertilization, and the embryo transfer. Basically, our IVF clinics will subtract the fee for the embryo transfer from the total price of your IVF cycle. The total cost of all medical procedures (excluding IVF meds) and the storage for the first year will be $5,500. This price includes egg retrieval, preparation of your eggs for cryopreservation, egg freezing and the storage of your eggs for the first year. There will be an additional $500 per year fee for storing eggs/sperm/embryos after the first year.

eggs_ebryo_cryopreservationLet us briefly examine the fees related to freezing and storing your eggs/sperm/embryos. There are two parts to freezing your eggs: preparing your eggs for freezing and storing them. The first charge is for preparing eggs for initial freezing and it is a one time fee of $500. The second charge is for storing eggs/sperm/embryos and it is the recurring fee of $500 per year. Both of these charges are included in the $5,500 price mentioned above.

Our IVF clinics use the latest cryopreservation approach, which dramatically increases cryosurvival (percentage of eggs/embryos that are alive after thawing) of embryos. Traditionally, IVF clinics used the slow freezing method that has been used since the 1980’s. Our clinics use rapid freezing technique recently developed in Japan called Vitrification. With Vitrification, the temperature is lowered at 23,000 degrees C° per minute. That is 70,000 times faster than in traditional approach. Such rapid cooling coupled with cryoprotactant fluids prevents formation of ice crystals in embryos.

Our fertility doctors typically recommend freezing embryos rather than eggs. Statistics show that pregnancy rates are just as high with properly frozen embryos as those with fresh embryos which have never been frozen. The same cannot be said for frozen eggs; pregnancy rates for frozen eggs are 15-20 lower than those for frozen embryos.

Incidentally, if you choose to have stimulation done in the U.S by your local OBGYN, you can reduce the number of days that you will have to stay outside the U.S. from 14 to around seven.

Lastly, if you are looking for a sperm bank to cryopreserve sperm, our IVF clinics also freeze sperm. It may seem to be unfair, but unlike freezing eggs, freezing sperm is a relatively inexpensive and simple process. The total cost of all procedures associated with freezing sperm (sperm collection, preparation for cryopreservation and the actual freezing) and the storage for the first year is $800.

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