How Many Implants for a Full Upper Denture?

Depending on Your Jawbone and Type of Denture, Upper Denture May Require Between 3 and 6 Dental Implants

full-upper-implant-dentureA number of you asked us whether the full upper jaw denture will require the same quantity of implants as the bottom denture does. The answer to this question is no. As in the case of full bottom dentures, the quantity of required implants will depend on two factors, the condition of your upper jawbone and material used in fabricating your denture. In addition, since the upper jawbone is less dense than the lower one, the upper denture will require a larger number of dental implants.

As a rule, the number of implants required for the upper denture may range from three to eight. If your jawbone is in a good condition, the upper denture made out of acrylic may require as few as three implants. The denture made out of porcelain will require at least six implants.

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