IMSI Improves Embryo Development & Pregnancy Rates

Recently concluded study has confirmed that IMSI is more effective than ICSI in infertile couples with male infertility factor. The study showed that IMSI procedure had better clinical outcomes by improving embryo development. Therefore, IMSI is a method of choice for IVF patients with male infertility and poor embryo development in their earlier ICSI cycles.

IMSI-IVF-vs-ICSI-IVFSperm of poor quality can negatively affect embryo development to the blastocyst stage and implantation. Patients who underwent IMSI had a higher number of blastocysts per cycle than those who only had ICSI. In IMSI cycles there was a significantly lower number of cycles with all arrested embryos and cycles with no embryo transfer. After IMSI, all pregnancies achieved by the blastocyst transfer were normally on-going, whereas after ICSI, two of three pregnancies ended in miscarriage. After IMSI, two pregnancies were also achieved by the morula stage embryos, whereas after the conventional ICSI procedure, embryos at the morula stage did not implant.

What is the difference between IMSI and ICSI? In both cases, embryologist uses a single mature sperm, which is injected into an egg by way of microinjection pipette. The sperm selection for ICSI is typically performed at a magnification of 200 times. At this level of magnification, embryologist is able to see and exclude sperm only with severe head shape defects (pin, amorphous, tapered, round, and multinucleated head). IMSI procedure adds another step to the process. First, embryologist uses higher magnification (6,600 times) to select and evaluate sperm according to the morphology and head vacuoles. In the second stage of the process, embryologist uses ICSI to fertilize eggs.

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