IVF Over 50

Getting Pregnant Over 50

Do you have clinics that would do IVF for women over 50 using their own eggs with a surrogate carrier?

We had several patients who were 56 years old and became pregnant. However, they all used donor eggs. Do you have eggs or embryos that you froze earlier in your life? It is quite rare that advance maternal age patients (fertility patients over 40) can use their own eggs. We had a few patients who were 42 years old and produced enough of their own eggs resulting in 2-3 embryos. Again, this is not common. Additionally, in order to prevent miscarriages and to avoid birth defects associated with advance maternal age fertility patients, our clinics require our patients to have PGD done on their embryos.

If you want to determine whether you will be able to use your own eggs, here is a link to our website where you can learn more about ovarian reserve testing (click on the link to be redirected to the page). It is possible for women who are in their mid 40′s to have great eggs, but it is a bit rare.

We do have packages for clients who have their own egg donors and own surrogate mothers. Please keep in mind that unless it is important to you to have the genetic material of your egg donor, it does not make sense, financially, to use your egg donor with our IVF clinics abroad. The reason for that is the cost of testing your egg donor prior to IVF treatments will negate all of your savings. It is cheaper to use our egg donors. Our donor eggs IVF packages start at $10,799 and include donor testing, donor compensation, airfare for two and hotel accommodations.

We hope we answered your question, given the limited information you have provided us with. If we didn’t answer your question and if you need additional information, please give us a call, or email us, and we will be happy to assist you further.

Our all inclusive donor egg IVF packages start at $10,799 and include airfare for two and hotel accommodations. Call us today for a free consultation with a fertility doctor and our affordable IVF package details or click below to get started.

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