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Hysterosonogram - Uterine Ultrasound for IVF Treatments

I am trying to get the ultrasound done and am a little confused on what the saline ultrasound is. Is it a hysterosonogram? I talked to an imaging place and they said I would also need a pelvic ultrasound along with the hysterosonogram, does that sound right to you?

There are two types of ultrasound exams that are performed in IVF with donor eggs. One of them is done on the egg donor recipient, while the other will be performed on the egg donor several times.

uterine-ultrasound-donor-egg-recipient-ivfEgg donors need vaginal ultrasounds to measure the number of follicles in each ovary. The recipient does not need this type of ultrasound exam. The ultrasound exam that egg recipients need is the saline sonogram. For this type of ultrasound, an appointment needs to be scheduled on Cycle Day 7 through 10. Saline sonogram, hysterosonogram, is the kind of ultrasound that is needed to ensure that the uterine lining does not have any fibroid or polyps. The exam can also help our fertility doctors determine the size and the exact location of any uterine abnormality. Basically, your fertility doctors want to make sure there is nothing in your uterus that would prevent successful implantation of embryos. The procedure involves saline solution. The tech will inject your uterus with sterile saline solution and then perform the ultrasound scan. ObGyn clinics do this type of exams on regular basis.

Note that donor eggs recipients do not need the ultrasound that measures follicles!

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