Ukrainian Woman Gives Birth at 66

Chances of Getting Pregnant after 40 Using Own Eggs Diminish; Ability to Carry a Child Full Term Remains High for Many

While sharing this article, we wanted to make clear that our IVF clinics have not been involved in this case. Moreover, we are not advocating giving birth at such age. All MedVacation advanced reproductive age cases are evaluated on case-by-case basis by our reproductive endocrinologists. In addition, our IVF doctors require a physical and a note from patient’s doctor stating that she is in good health and fit to give birth.

The point that we are trying to make is although woman’s ability to get pregnant using her own eggs greatly diminishes after 40, for many women their ability to carry a child full term remains pretty high. That is, fertility patients of advance maternity age have high chances of becoming pregnant, if they use donor eggs.

66-year-old Ukrainian woman gives birth to healthy boy

Kiev - A 66-year-old Ukrainian woman, impregnated by artificial insemination, gave birth to a healthy baby boy, health officials said Thursday.

She became the oldest woman ever to give birth in the former Soviet republic, breaking the previous record of 57 years, according to news reports.

The umarried mother, who gave birth Tuesday by Caesarean section, was described as an 'average retired worker' from the northern city Chernihiv.

The boy, the woman's only child, weighed in at a solid 3.3 kilos. Hospital officials did not make public the mother's identity. They described her mood as 'joyful.'

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