Removing IUD Before IVF

How soon before your IVF treatments should you remove your IUD

I currently have a Mirena IUD fitted for the purpose of regulating very heavy and painful periods - not for contraceptive reasons. How soon should I have IUD removed?

IUD-before-IVFWhen it comes to IUD, our fertility doctors recommend you remove your IUD two months prior to your IVF treatments. The IVF patient should have a full menstrual cycle after having the IUD removed, so that the uterus can fully cleanse itself naturally. Following example may provide a better explanation. For example, let's say you had your period in the first week of January. You should schedule a doctor appointment to remove your IUD during your January period, or shortly after. ObGyn doctors usually recommend that the IUD be removed when the patient is on her period. Because of the menstrual flow, the uterine cavity is more expanded and removing the IUD is easier at that time. Once you have it removed, you will have your next period in February, 28 days after your last period. Once you have your period in February, you will be ready for your IVF treatments the following menstrual cycle, which will probably happen some time in March (or at the end of February).

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