Vasectomy Reversal Cost

What is the typical cost and success rate for a vasectomy reversal?

The cost of vasectomy reversal surgery is $7,800. This vas reversal procedure must be performed in a surgical suite and requires hospitalization. This price includes the services performed by our surgeons, as well as the hospital fee. The only item not included in this price is your airfare.

Your question pertaining to the success rates is difficult to answer. The reason for that is the answer will depend on a few factors, including on how long it has been since you underwent the vasectomy. As you can see in the chart below, the length of time passed since the vasectomy greatly impacts vasectomy reversal failure.


Another factor to consider is the quality of your sperm. If the quality of your sperm prior to undergoing vasectomy was low, there is a very big chance that the quality of your sperm will be low, even if the sperm returns after the vasectomy reversal surgery. If there is a semen analysis prior to the vasectomy, our fertility doctors can take a look at your results and give you an idea what sperm quality to expect.

Since vasectomy reversal surgery is often ineffective (especially for men who had vasectomy for longer than 10 years), we recommend Testicular Sperm Extraction or TESE. The fee that our clinic charges for TESE is $1,200. Sperm extracted by way of TESE can be used in In Vitro Fertilization cycles. Keep in mind that just like with vasectomy reversal surgery, TESE does not guarantee a pregnancy, since there is no guarantee that healthy semen will be found. Nevertheless, the cost of IVF with TESE is lower than that of vasectomy reversal surgery in the U.S., and the success rates are higher.

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