Hysterosonogram for IVF

Sonohysterography for IVF Patients with No Menstrual Period

I completed all of my precycle tests. I took my last birth control pill on Sunday hoping to have a menstrual flow today for the test to be completed. Nothing as of yet. What if I don't start? What would the fertility doctors recommend to patients who don't have menstrual periods? Can you please let me know how I should go about the ultrasound exam and the day of the month I should have it done?

These types of patients must take birth control pills or provera to have them start some sort of spotting or bleeding in order to synchronize their cycle. They really need an ultrasound to make sure they do not have anything inside the uterus such as a fibroid or polyps that would prevent an embryo from implanting. If they have a saline sonogram, hysterosonogram, it can be done at any time they are not bleeding as water is injected in to the uterus and you cannot be on you menstrual cycle for this procedure.

We'd like to clarify something, since this may be confusing for some patients. All fertility patients (donor egg recipients and patients using own eggs) need a hysterosonogram. If you are under 42 and planning to use your own eggs, you will also need to have an Antral Follicle Count (AFC) ultrasound done. AFC test is done on the third day of your menstrual cycle and measures a woman’s ovarian reserve.

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