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I would like to take this opportunity to share my IVF story and experience working with MedVacation. Taras Kuzin was nothing short of amazing in his support of me as a single parent exploring the possibility of pregnancy and the wonder of having a child of my own. He explained the process of international IVF, facilitated the coordination with my physician and with the clinic in Panama and readily answered all questions and concerns I had along the way. He even assisted me with my travel plans to Panama!

IVF-Story-Colorado-InfertilityThe fertility clinic in Panama far exceeded my expectations as well. The fertility doctors were amazing in their support of me personally as well as helping me navigate my way through the IVF process and even my time while in Panama.

If given the opportunity, I will share my experience with anyone who is interested and willing to listen. After two rounds of IVF with MedVacation and the IVF clinic in Panama, I have been blessed with a beautiful baby girl and am in the process of planning for baby #2!

Denver, Colorado


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