Ob Gyn and Infertility

Using ObGyn for Infertility Treatments

Fertility patients in the U.S. can use their local OB/GYN clinic for certain procedures in the beginning of the cycle. The U.S. OBGYN doctors can prescribe and administer fertility drugs to do the ovulation induction, as well as monitor the progress (e.g. ultrasounds exams). Our doctors will work closely with yours to get everything ready for the next step. Because your fertility treatments will start on the first day of your menstrual cycle, you can spend the first seven days with IVF cycles using own eggs at home. If you are an egg donor recipient, you can be monitored by an ObGyn locally for the first 10 days (Cycle Day 11 is travel day).

Since we have spoken with a few ObGyn doctors, we wanted to share the letter that we created for U.S. clinics. This particular letter was crafted for a patient of ours who was a donor egg recipient. We are also happy to provide you with the letter for IVF cycles using own eggs. Email us, if you wish to receive the other files mentioned in the letter below.

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Dear Dr. Willson,

We are looking for an OBGYN practice in Houston area that will perform a couple of tests and exams for one of our local patients:

  1. precycle testing for recipient
  2. monitor (jointly with our RE's) the patient for the first 10 days of her IVF cycle
  3. write a prescription for IVF medications for a local pharmacy (instructions and dosing will be provided by our RE)

Dr. Willson, can your office perform these tests and will you do this for our patient?

Dr. Willson, MedVacation is a Denver-based company that sends fertility patients to IVF clinics outside the U.S. We have partnered with world's top IVF clinics to offer the same high quality fertility treatments often for 60% less than what IVF clinics charge here in the U.S. Here is a link to our company's website.


As far as the patient is concerned, she is considering her egg donor IVF treatments with us, and is tentatively planning to have her embryo transfer done during the next 60-90 days. We need a local OB/GYN practice to order some lab work for her and to do an ultrasound to rule out any growths in her uterus. I am attaching a PDF file containing a list of precycle tests for egg donor recipient. I can also email you the list, if you can't open the file for some reason.

The next step in the process is monitoring our patient during the first 10 days of her IVF cycle. I have taken the liberty of sending you a sample egg donor IVF calendar, developed for one of our clients. Our fertility doctors will develop a similar protocol for this new patient and prescribe all the medications. Our reproductive endocrinologists will also be available for a telephone consultation with you, in case you have any questions about the IVF protocol and the process.

As you can see from the protocol, the patient will need to visit your office at least twice during her cycle. On the scheduled days, your office would perform ultrasound exams to measure patient’s endometrial lining. This information will be communicated, through MedVacation or directly, to our doctors and will be used to adjust medications if necessary.

After the embryo transfer is completed, the patient will return to the U.S. and your office will care for the patient during the pregnancy. This will also generate a new revenue stream for your OBGYN practice.

Dr. Willson, I thank you for your time and hope you will consider working with our patient!




Taras Kuzin
MedVacation LLC

Preliminary In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Pre Cycle List

1) Uterine Cavity Evaluation (must be completed within 6 months of IVF cycle)
› Saline Sonogram - Make an appointment with your OB/GYN on the first day of your next period to schedule. This appointment needs to be scheduled on cycle day 7 thru 10. (This only applies if you are not using a surrogate)

2) Required Infectious Disease Screening for Female (test valid for one year)
Female Blood Testing
› Hepatitis B surface antigen
› Hepatitis C antibody
› RH Blood Type
› Glucose (Fasting)

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