Overstimulation (OHSS) With IVF is Preventable

I am concerned about ovarian hyperstimulation and traveling with OHSS. What are my chances of being overstimulated by my local OBGYN and can OHSS be avoided?

First, we can assure you that there is no reason to be concerned about this issue, because OHSS can be avoided in most cases. Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome is a complication occasionally seen in women who take certain fertility medications that stimulate egg production. Moreover, travel by air is indeed inadvisable in overstimulated patients. Nevertheless, your IVF stimulation is carefully controlled process and closely monitored by our reproductive endocrinologists (RE's) and OHSS is preventable. Our IVF doctors told us that they have never had a case of an overstimulated patient traveling to their clinic.

There is really no reason that someone will develop OHSS unless they have PCOS. OHSS is quite common with PCOS patients. OHSS is also very common in young women and in donors, if they are not carefully monitored. In addition, patients in late 30’s are less likely to develop OHSS, because they produce fewer oocytes. On Cycle Day 4, if patient’s estradial level is elevated, than her medication will be adjusted to a lower dose. This will subsequently decrease the possibility of OHSS.

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