Paying for IVF

Various Payment Options Available To Our IVF Clients

Our IVF patients have a number of payment options available to them. First, MedVacation clients can make their payments either directly to the IVF clinic or to MedVacation. If you choose to make your payment directly to us, we will wire your payment into your clinic's account. We have a wire transfer set up to do this and do this on regular basis. The bank MedVacation uses for wire transfers charges us a fee, but we do not charge our clients an additional fee for wiring their payments. It is part of the service that we offer.

MedVacation and our overseas IVF clinics accept debit and credit cards. MedVacation also takes checks. In addition, you can set up a wire transfer through your bank and wire the money directly to the clinic.

If you choose to make your payment with a credit/debit card, the clinics, as well as MedVacation, accept Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept American Express cards because of the high cost associated with processing those cards.

Each payment option has its unique advantages. We recommend that you make your payment through MedVacation, because you will actually save money by doing that. Here is the reason why. If you choose to make your payment directly to our IVF clinic (when you are at the clinic), the clinic will charge you a 5% fee for processing your credit or debit card payment. The clinics are charged this 5% fee for processing foreign credit/debit card payments by their banks and they simply pass that cost onto their IVF patients.

paying-for-ivf-visa-mastercardOn top the credit/debit card processing fee charged by our IVF clinics, your local bank with which you have your debit/credit card will charge you a 3% “foreign purchase transaction fee” on all transactions made outside the U.S. Essentially, if you choose to make your payment with your IVF clinic, your total IVF treatments cost will be 8% higher. MedVacation does not charge its clients an additional fee for processing their debit or credit card payments. Safe and low cost credit/debit card processing is a part of our service to you.

Lastly, if you choose to pay with a check, we will offer you a $200 discount. Depending on the debit/credit card, our credit card processor charges us around 3% for credit card payments that we accept. If you make your payment with a check, MedVacation does not have to pay our bank to process your payment and we pass those cost savings onto you.

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