Poor Responder IVF

If You Had a Miscarriage after Your IVF Treatments, You May Be a Candidate for Split Cycle

If you had numerous miscarriage cycle after cycle, you may be a good candidated for a split cycle. This approach is not for everyone and our fertlity specialists will have to take a look at your personal situation and medical history. Nevertheless, poor IVF responders with certain conditions (if they wish to use their own eggs) must have ovulation stimulation carried out separate from the transfer. That is, the patient must first undergo minimal ovulation stimulation, in order to retrieve a small number of oocytes. The doctors would typically use 300-400 IU of Puregon during in the stimulation stage. After the retrieval, the eggs are immediately fertilized. The developed embryos are then frozen rather than transferred right away. The embryos are transferred during the next cycle.

You may be wondering why the fertility doctors do ovulation stimulation first and do the transfer during the next cycle. It is done that way, because it is not possible to prepare the endometrium during the first cycle due to the use ovulation stimulation drugs. In the next cycle, when we would transfer the embryos, the doctors would specifically focus on preparing patient’s endometrium. Such approach produces high success rates.

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