Post Embryo Transfer Instructions for IVF

Are There Any Special Post Embryo Transfer Instructions Your Fertility Doctors Recommend?


We get questions like this one on regular basis. First, there is no difference between instructions for patients who have frozen embryos and those with fresh embryos. Here is what our fertility doctors recommend. The most important thing for the patient after the transfer is to abstain from physical activities for at least a day or two. These are the days of your IVF vacation, which could truly count as vacation!!!

Moreover, our doctors recommend not to get overheated. That is, do not use hot baths, saunas, hot tubs, heating pad or anything of that nature so that your body temperature does not go up. Do not walk too long or be up for extended period of time during the first day or two. If you have to be up, take 10-15 minute breaks after every hour. Lastly, when you are in bed, assume a comfortable position and change positions periodically. You don’t want to have your body to go numb. If you need to travel, traveling is allowed after two days.

Before you leave our clinic, our IVF doctors will confirm the future dates of your next progesterone and estradial tests which will be performed by your home town doctors. You will also need to do the Beta HCG test to confirm your pregnancy. Let us know your Beta HCG levels. Your local doctor will need to repeat the Beta HCG test several days later to ensure that the levels are rising. At the same time, you will need to set up a prenatal visit.


Most questions we hear from our clients generally fall into two categories: resuming intercourse and medication regimen for the first 12 weeks. Before you return home, you will be instructed to purchase injectables, estrogen tablets and prometrium suppository medicine to support the first 12 weeks of your pregnancy. You can stop the progesterone shots and your Estrace pills at 12 weeks, once hormone levels are checked and the results are normal. Contact your local ObGyn doctor to perform these tests for you and for your further prenatal instructions. You should continue with your prenatal vitamins and the Folic Acid until full term. As far as intercourse after IVF is concerned, our fertility doctors give our IVF patients their OK at 12 weeks, as long as baby's heartbeat is strong and healthy.

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