Thin Uterine Lining

What can I do to improve my thin endometrium?

endometrial-lining-ivf-treatments-smRecently, we were approached by a patient who had a question about her endometrial lining. When she was going through her previous fertility treatments in the U.S., her local fertility doctor told her that her endomitrium was thinner than he would liked it to be. By the time you are ready to do your embryo transfer, ideally your endometrial lining should be of certain thickness. Most fertility doctors want IVF patients to have endometrial lining at least 8 mm thick. Can patients with uterine lining thinner than 8 mm become pregnant? Absolutely! However, it is much more difficult to do so. Here is a good news! There are a couple of things reproductive endocrinologists can do to improve your endometrium thickness.

With patients who are having an IVF cycle with donor eggs, our fertility doctors will prescribe Estrace for you. Estrace pills are taken from Cycle Day 1. You will be instructed to have an ultrasound example on your Cycle Day 8, in order to measure your uterus lining. If your endometrial lining is thinner than it should be, our IVF doctors will place you on estradial patches. This should help with the thickness.

If you had problems with your endometrial lining in the past, you should start patches on Cycle Day 6 of your treatment and be on the patch all the way until you arrive at our clinic. At that time, our fertility doctors will perform an ultrasound and let you know when to stop them.

Are estradial patches effective? They could be. Another patient of our received two estrdiol patches to wear for a week. That was in addition to 2 mg of estrace three times per day. It did the trick from her 6.9 mm thickness on Monday afternoon to her embryo transfer on Wednesday. The doctors made comments on how good the uterine lining was during the procedure. The estradial patches our clinics use outside the U.S. are made by Bayer and marketed under the brand Lindisc 50. It is very similar to Vivelle which is an estradiol transdermal patch used commonly here in the U.S.

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