Getting Pregnant at 40

Can I Use My Own Eggs or Do I Need Donor Eggs?

I really want to use my own eggs and so does my husband. I know, because I am 50, it's very hard. My period just recently started skipping. I started eating organic foods in my teens, plus I work out no less than an hour a day. In short, I am extremely healthy.

Don't they have some unorthodox treatments to get my period going again, to make me fertile, so I can have a baby the natural way? Wasn't there a British woman in the news last year who through a Russian fertility clinic was able to conceive at age 65? Although, that's extreme, I thought, if she can do it, I certainly should be able to!

Use-Own-Eggs-ConceiveWe'd like to preface with saying that we receive requests like yours at least once a week. Although we would absolutely love to help you have your own genetic child, you will not be able to do that, because it is physically impossible. There is one procedure fertility researchers in the UK are trying to develop that will allow advanced maternity patients to inject their own genetic material into another person's egg (younger eggs or sperm in case of infertile men). However, this is still a very experimental treatment and is years away from being available to patients.

We indeed have a number of ways to jump start patients' menstrual cycles (click on the link for details). We will still have to do that for you, even if you decide to use an egg donor. Having said that, even if we restart your menstrual cycle, your body no longer has viable eggs that we can use for fertilization. Essentially, having regular menstrual cycles after 40 does not guarantee the patient still has viable eggs. We also had patients in their 20's, who had regular menstrual cycles, but couldn't conceive using their own eggs. Here is a link to our webpage that talks about this. Ignore the title of the page - information on this page applies to your case.

Freezing Your Own Eggs

We'll gladly answer your question about the 66 year old woman from Ukraine, who gave birth a couple of years ago.

Ukrainian Woman Gives Birth at 66

We know the clinic that did this IVF cycle and the fertility doctors used an egg donor for this patient.

We realize that this is a lot to process. MedVacation has been working with infertility patients since 2009 and has not yet had a patient over 43, who used her own eggs and got pregnant. You can certainly do a few tests to measure your ovarian reserves (click on the link to view the list). However, it is going to be an expensive undertaking and we recommend our patient over 43 years of age instead apply this money towards their egg donor cycle. If you choose to go the egg donor route, we are here to help. Lastly, once this baby is born (from the egg donor) and you carried it under your heart, you will feel this baby as much yours as any baby who had your genetic material. Our clients tell this to us all the time!

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