Where to Find a Sperm Donor

US is World's Top Sperm Exporter

America is the gold standard of sperm. American men are not exceptional! It is simply that we control the industry better and have enthusiastic donors in the U.S. Some tall and highly educated sperm donors can make as much as $500 per donation.

Check out this fascinating interview about "existential assets" with Time magazine's senior editor Jeffrey Kluger.

sperm-bankThere are some interesting legal implications of donating sperm. As it turns out the document signed between the sperm clinic and the donor is enforceable only between the clinic and the sperm donor. It is completely unenforceable in any kind of domestic court. American courts decide all of these issues in the best interest of the child.

There is something else to think about - accidental incest. A British man allegedly fathered as many as 600 children through sperm bank donations. There is a risk that some of these half siblings could meet and perhaps become romantically involved.

MedVacation sperm banks follow the standards of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and are accredited in the U.S.

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