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Surrogacy in US for Chinese Clients


By Alexandra Harney
September 22, 2013

Wealthy Chinese are hiring American women to serve as surrogates for their children, creating a small but growing business in $120,000 "designer" American babies for China's elite.

Surrogacy agencies in China and the United States are catering to wealthy Chinese who want a baby outside the country's restrictive family planning policies, who are unable to conceive themselves, or who are seeking U.S. citizenship for their children.


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After a year of trying to conceive, and being told we faced issues with egg quality, my husband and I decided to turn to egg donation. Due to legal and cost issues of egg donation within the United States, we decided to pursue overseas egg donation.

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Сегодня многие друзья и почитатели Жанны Фриске обсуждают рождение ее ребенка. Конечно, и мы не можем остаться в стороне. Прежде чем мы представим свои версии, почему молодая мама не вышла еще в эфир и не связалась с друзьями и поклонниками которые оставили свои поздравления, мы хотим от всего сердца поздравить молодую маму с рождением ее первенца в одной из клиник США, в городе Майями.

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I would like to take this opportunity to share my IVF story and experience working with MedVacation. Taras Kuzin was nothing short of amazing in his support of me as a single parent exploring the possibility of pregnancy and the wonder of having a child of my own. He explained the process of international IVF, facilitated the coordination with my physician and with the clinic in Panama and readily answered all questions and concerns I had along the way. He even assisted me with my travel plans to Panama!

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egg-donorsI began my journey with MedVacation with an email sent in September of 2010. My husband and I had just found out we would need donor egg assistance to have a family. The price quoted here in the states was not something we could afford, so I hit the Internet.

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embryo-donationI came to the desire for motherhood late in life, and discovered that it was a dream that I might have missed completely if not for MedVacation. I live on the east coast of the U.S. and have access to some superlative clinics, but circumstance, karma, age, and unfortunate choice of an American IVF clinic wound up pushing me beyond the age of acceptance of most U.S. clinics.

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