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Colposcopy Cost

Colposcopy before IVF

Some IVF clinics require that patients undergo Colposcopy procedure prior to commencing their fertility treatments. A number of MedVacation clients asked us why we require Colposcopy and whether this test can be done with our clinic.

IVF Ultrasound with Dye

Saline Sonogram vs. Dye Ultrasound

We just found out that my wife was scheduled for the dye sonogram instead of saline sonogram. We are going to contact the clinic and try to get the correct test scheduled. However, if we are unable to get the saline sonogram test done, can we use the dye sonogram ultrasound test results?


Help Us Vote for Our Kid

Help US Vote for One of the Kids Our Fertility Doctors Helped with

R Pic 6 Months.jpg

We are always excited to receive pictures of "our babies" that our fertility doctors helped a little bit to come into this world. Our former client's baby was entered into a contest. Ramsey is already a super star in his family. Nevertheless, we hope you will take a moment to vote for Ramsey and make him a start in every possible way.

Here is a link.

IVF with Own Surrogate

Woman Gives Birth To Her Own Daughter's Baby

Were you confused, when you read the previous sentences? Don't feel bad, because most of us had to reread this headline several times to figure out what's going on here. Actually, the situation is quite simple...... if you can call it simple. At age 53, Cindy Reutzel gave birth to a healthy child, who was conceived using her daughter's eggs and her son's in law sperm.

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)


When you thaw frozen embryos, how do you know they have survived the process? Do you witness a cell division or anything like that? What would happen if they were thawed and then you waited to observe subsequent cell division, would that result in damage?


Freezing Sperm

How much does it cost to freeze sperm?

freeze-spermThere is a number of reasons why men freeze their sperm. Commonly, men turn to our fertility clinics with a request to freeze their sperm, because they are diagnosed with some illness that may have an effect on their ability to have children. For example, many younger males, who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer, choose to freeze sperm prior to undergoing their cancer treatments.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Butt Injections

My sister and I would like to get Brazilian butt lift surgeries done. I am 5’5” and weigh around 175 pounds. My sister, however, is very lean and doesn’t have much body fat. She would like to have a larger and rounder butt. My question to you is, can we lipo my fat and use some for me and some for my sister? Can she use someone else’s fat and will I have enough fat for both of us?


IVF with Sperm Donor

IUI ICI Sperm Order from Sperm Bank

Where To Order Sperm

Embryo Grading

IVF Embryo Quality and Embryo Fragmentation

Does your embryology lab have any more specifics on the embryo grading? For example, I am used to a 2 tier grading system of blastocysts - the first number being the "state of hatching" so to speak, and then two grades after that with the grade of the ICM and the Cell Cavity.


Freeze Your Eggs

Freezing Your Eggs While You Are in Your Twenties

Given current societal trends and the fact that female fertility peaks in 20's, freezing eggs will become a bigger business for fertility clinics in years to come. Interestingly, today one out of five women has her first baby after 35. Here is another fact, fewer than 1% of teenage girls are infertile, but more than 20% of women in their mid-30s are infertile.

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