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IVF Over 50

Getting Pregnant Over 50

Do you have clinics that would do IVF for women over 50 using their own eggs with a surrogate carrier?



IMSI Improves Embryo Development & Pregnancy Rates

Recently concluded study has confirmed that IMSI is more effective than ICSI in infertile couples with male infertility factor. The study showed that IMSI procedure had better clinical outcomes by improving embryo development. Therefore, IMSI is a method of choice for IVF patients with male infertility and poor embryo development in their earlier ICSI cycles.

IVF and Birth Defects

Birth Defects and IVF

Birth-Defects-IVFEvery so often, we receive questions about the risks of birth defects associated with IVF. It is a well known fact that birth defects are more common after certain infertility treatments. Nevertheless, the connection between fertility treatments and birth defects is not clear.

Medical Tourism in India

MedVacation Does Not Work With Medical Hospitals in India

It was brought to our attention that a medical tourism agency from India uses certain words such as MedVacation in its promotional efforts that may give clients an impression that they are affiliated with our company. We would like to inform you that at this time MedVacation does not work with any clinics in India and we do not send our patients to that country.

Surrogacy in US

Doing Research on Surrogacy Company Is Important even for Prospective Parents Looking for Surrogacy Agencies in the U.S.

This article emphasizes the importance of doing research for prospective parents looking for surrogacy agencies in the U.S. Last Thursday, a federal grand jury indicted Tonya Collins on seven counts of wire fraud, four counts of mail fraud, nine counts of bank fraud and 10 counts of money laundering. Coollins ran SurroGenesis, a California-based surrogate and egg donation agency designed to help people having children through third-party assisted reproduction.

Увеличение Ягодиц Пластическая Операция

Пластическая Операция Бразильская Подтяжка Ягодиц

Новость о том, что Наташа Королева увеличила свои ягодицы с помощью пластической операции, долетела и до нас, любителей русской ....эстрады за границей. Бразильская подтяжка ягодиц в последнее время одна из самых «ПОПАлярных» операций в США. Так что неудивительно, что русские звезды прибегают к таким хирургическим процедурам, чтобы изменить или улучшить свои формы.

Where to Find a Sperm Donor

US is World's Top Sperm Exporter

America is the gold standard of sperm. American men are not exceptional! It is simply that we control the industry better and have enthusiastic donors in the U.S. Some tall and highly educated sperm donors can make as much as $500 per donation.

Check out this fascinating interview about "existential assets" with Time magazine's senior editor Jeffrey Kluger.

Costo de Abdominoplastia en Mexico

Costo de Abdominoplastia en México con Cirujanos Plásticos Certificados

Medvacation ofrece un paquete de abdominoplastia desde $5,200. Este paquete incluye:

  • Cirujano plástico y costo hospitalaria.
  • Costo del anestesiólogo
  • Pruebas preoperatorias y evaluación por un cardiólogo
  • Prendas compresivas para el postoperatorio
  • Antibióticos, analgésicos y corticoides para la inflamación
  • Vuelo ida y vuelta para el paciente desde el aeropuerto más cercano a su lugar de residencia hasta un destino con playa exótica

Failed IVF

Endometrial Biopsy Scratching After Failed IVF

Removing IUD Before IVF

How soon before your IVF treatments should you remove your IUD

I currently have a Mirena IUD fitted for the purpose of regulating very heavy and painful periods - not for contraceptive reasons. How soon should I have IUD removed?


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