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Los Mejores Cirujanos Plasticos en Mexico

Cirujanos Plasticos Certificados en Mexico

Vasectomy Reversal Cost

What is the typical cost and success rate for a vasectomy reversal?

The cost of vasectomy reversal surgery is $7,800. This vas reversal procedure must be performed in a surgical suite and requires hospitalization. This price includes the services performed by our surgeons, as well as the hospital fee. The only item not included in this price is your airfare.

When to Start Birth Control Pills for IVF

What type of birth control pills should I be on and when should I start BCP prior to starting my IVF treatments?

I just want to double check before I start birth control pills that it can be any BCP and that it doesn't have to be a certain one? And now that I will be on the pill, are we more flexible with the dates?

When talking about birth control pills for your IVF treatments, there are three main topics to discuss:

  1. Why you need to go on Birth Control Pill (BCP)

Low Cost IVF with Donor Eggs in Mexico

Assisted Reproductive Technology & IVF Cycle with Egg Donors

Low-Cost-IVF-Donor-EggsHigh costs of IVF treatment in the U.S. and a shortage of affordable donor eggs are two main reasons why couples seek IVF treatments in Mexico. MedVacation and its partner fertility clinics offer an ample number of egg donors for patients who have flexibility in terms of location.

Shared Risk IVF Programs and Multiple IVF Cycles

Shared Risk IVF and Other Less Expensive IVF Alternative

Fire at Kalkata Hospital Kills 96 Patients

MedVacation Does not Send Medical Tourism Patients to India

Embryo Adoption

Embryos Available for Adoption

Failed IVF Cycle

What can I do about my first failed IVF cycle?

I just went through my first cycle of IVF and it wasn’t successful. I am very disappointed. Is this common? I just stumbled on your website, while I was searching the web to find out what can be helpful for the next time. I need some advice please. Is it worth trying again?

We are sorry to hear about the outcome of your first IVF cycle. It is not uncommon for IVF patients to have an unsuccessful cycle, sometimes even several, before they finally get pregnant.

Técnica Brasilera de Levantamiento de Glúteos

Liposucción con Aumento del Glúteo

MedVacation ofrece un paquete de levantamiento de glúteos desde $5,499. Este paquete incluye:

  • Costo hospitalaria y cirujano plástico
  • Costo del anestesiólogo
  • Pruebas preoperatorias
  • Liposucción de 2 áreas
  • Inyección de grasa en glúteos*
  • Antibióticos, analgésicos y corticoides para la inflamación

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